Order Electronic Cigarettes in UK

leonardo-di-caprioWe offer a wide range of the best electronic cigarettes and vg e liquid that deliver nicotine without the tar or other harmful substances found in smoke. We stock a large range of quality e-liquid refills in a variety of strengths and flavours. Whether you need an e cigarette starter kit or some spare parts or accessories, you can find exactly what you require from our store.

Electronic cigarette UK as a medicine

E-cigs will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016. They will be considered under new regulations.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency(MHPRA) will regulate e cigarettes as medicines when new European tobacco laws come into force. Even right now smoking an e-cigarette is legal everywhere, including the public places. Even though they contain nicotine, they don not burn and produce only odourless steam, that is not dangerous to the people around you.
The health advantages of e cigs compared to tobacco smoking have attracted celebrities including Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Moss.

All our kits are high standard and tested from inspected manufacturers and not to be mistaken for similar looking, very cheap kits on the market.

We have single pack e-cigs starter kits that contain everything you need to vape, including a charger and free bottle of e liquid. We also have popular dual packs with two batteries, two clearomiser tanks, a wall USB charger and case available in several designs and styles to suit.

E-Cigs Starter Kits

From the groundbreaking Odyssey, the first E-Cigarette designed and manufactured in the UK, to the market leading Tornado and Titan series produced by our UK exclusive partnership with the world renowned Joyetech, we have something for everyone.

Our e cigs kits contain everything that a new or experienced user would wish to use the product directly from the box. Our kits have been built to offer a lot of options in order to satisfy all your needs: from the experienced user wishing to get a new,better one to the novice user who looks for a high-quality experience with an electronic cigarette. All our kits are listed in such a way that you can easily understand what each product provides and all the available options. However, if you would like to find out more about e-cigs generally to help inform your decision you may wish to take a look at our pages.

You may also want to check out our e-liquid and accessories (which are listed in each product section) for extra batteries, chargers, carry cases and more.
We have drip tips, thread adapters, collars and plynths at best prices to enable you to customize your device fully.

We offer a full range of kits, accessories, electronic cigars, eshishas and eliquids. All of our eliquids are made in the UK to our own recipes delivering the best tastes.

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Electronic Cigarettes Are The Future

Electronic cigarettes are something that are making a big impact on smokers these days. It’s really a good thing to get into so that you’re able to get what you need when you try to get into them. Take this information to heart and you’ll be set!


Every once in a while, a company that makes electronic cigarettes is going to have some kind of a sale on them. This is a great time to stock up, but make sure you don’t buy so many that some of them go bad because you don’t have time to use them. Generally an e cig is going to have a long shelf life, but if you wait for too long it could go bad eventually. Just be sure you’re willing to use what you order within a few months or so because you’ll want to get the full effects.

You’ll always want to be sure that you read the packaging of electronic cigarettes before you use them because you’re going to want to make sure that you’re using them in the right way. This will allow you to make very sure that you’re not going to break the product when you first try to use it. If you find that it’s not working so well, then it may be time for you to make a return. It’s simple to really get things in order if you have your receipt because people selling them know that they don’t work sometimes.

It’s great to work with this information so that you’re able to see what you can get the next time you buy e cigs¬†of some kind. You’ll be happy when you’re able to get what you want because you were able to follow the advice here.

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